A presentation by Sierra Club: What Oneida County citizens need to know about the Lynne mineral deposit site; myths and facts about the Flambeau mine; and the impact of Wisconsin's 2017 Act 134 on regulating mining.

A sulfide mining spill: the Colorado Gold King sulfide mine spilled 3 million gallons of wastewater into the Animas and San Juan Rivers in 2015.

The Willow Flowage near the Lynne deposit, where the Oneida County Planning & Development Committee has scheduled a potential open pit metallic sulfide mine. Photo: P. Boushon

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Oneida County Clean Waters Action

Research on hard rock and metallic sulfide mining

Polluting The Future- HOW MINING COMPANIES ARE CONTAMINATING OUR NATION’S WATERS IN PERPETUITY, 2013, Earthworks.org  (Case studies of current and closed mines requiring perpetual water treatment for acid mine drainage)

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United States Geological Survey website on current watershed research with extensive bibliography

of scientific papers and research

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(Note that this study was published prior to WI 2017 Act 134 that deregulated numerous aspects of metallic mining law including repeal of the Prove It First (“moratorium”) law.)

Research on metallic sulfide mining, treaty rights and

Native American cultural issues:

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(Note that this paper is the supporting document for the DNR recommendation to EPA that Stream C be designated as impaired. The EPA concurred and designated Stream C as impaired due to zinc and copper pollution in 2012.  The DNR no longer has this paper archived online.)
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